Four Common Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

Four Common Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

Four common signs and symptoms of PTSD. There are many traumatic events that can cause you to suffer from scares, panic attacks, nightmares, and anxiety related to terror you’ve suffered.  Many people that have been abused, violated, threatened, or kidnaped may suffer from PTSD.  Also, those who have been victims of acts of violence, car accidents, plane crashes, or war crimes may also suffer from the same effects that can riddle their lives with mental images of what happened to them.  As a counselor in Orlando, we work with many people that battle from the symptoms of PTSD to overcome struggles and cope with their new normal.  There are a few signs and symptoms that indicate you may be suffering from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.


Do you avoid situations that remind you of your trauma?  Are you struggling to face certain situations or people because of what happened to you?  When you are avoiding situations that remind you of the trauma you’ve suffered, you may be experiencing signs of PTSD.  Even if you are physically present at a situation, you may be avoiding certain triggers by suffering from sudden loss of memory, inability to speak, feelings of rejection, or even hopelessness about your future.

Reliving Memories

Do you have flashbacks of the traumatic moments you’ve suffered?  When you are constantly reliving your traumatic or unpleasant experience, you will likely have a difficult time coping and moving forward from the situation.   The constant reminders are frequently experienced in nightmares, flashbacks, and frightening thoughts brought on by triggers.

Tense Physical Symptoms

When you are triggered, you may exhibit physical symptoms that show how traumatic your memories are.  These symptoms range from clenched fists, to excessive sweating, to chronic pain.  Many people may also suffer from shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat, which can cause a panic attack.  Often times, people will also feel disconnected from their body. They dissociate in order to avoid dealing with their emotions about their trauma.

Trust Issues

Are you struggling to trust individuals that used to be close with you?  After you suffer from a traumatic experience, you may find yourself becoming socially withdrawn. You may avoid many of your friends and family.  Even if they’ve had nothing to do with your experiences, you may resent them for what happened to you.  You may also be embarrassed or have difficulty opening up about your feelings with others.  When you have trust issues, you will certainly want to talk to counselor in Orlando about how you can learn how to build back your ability to trust once again.

Common Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

These are some of the common signs and symptoms of PTSD.  When you are having difficulty adjusting to life after an accident or after becoming a victim, you may want to seek professional help. High Expectations is here to help you.  We can provide you with a safe place to work through your feelings and emotions so that you can begin healing and moving on from what happened to you.  Contact us to schedule your appointment today.