Four Common Questions about Depression

Four Common Questions about Depression

Are you or a loved one going through a tough time that causes depression?  Are you struggling to manage and cope with your depression?  Depression is a mental disorder that inflicts millions of people, and sometime it can be long-lasting or even life-long.  However, many people don’t fully understand or they have misconceptions about depression and what it does to an individual.  As professional counselors in Orlando, we help our clients recognize, cope, and manage their depression.  We also assist many of your loved ones with management strategies on how to support you through your depression.  To assist in understanding depression, we’ve answered a few of the common questions about depression and how it can affect many people.

What causes depression?

Depression is actually caused by a multitude of reasons, but you may be more susceptible to this mental illness.  This occurs because of a chemical imbalance in one’s brain that causes feelings of withdrawal, isolation, hopelessness, and other feelings of sadness.  When experiencing symptoms of depression, you should always make sure to have a support system, as no one should go through these tough times alone.

What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

Someone who is battling depression will exhibit symptoms such as a disinterest in pleasure or an overall depressive mood.  This can be indicated by a range of signs, such as changes in daily appetite, loss of energy, fatigue, lack of desire for social activities, a desire for isolation, feelings of worthlessness, and/or thoughts about suicide.  Whenever you are battling any of these symptoms, you will want to seek the assistance of a medical professional.

How is depression treated?

There are a range of treatments for depression, including medications and counseling in Orlando.  The first action to take is to discuss your symptoms with a medical professional. This way they can make the right recommendations for their course of treatment to combat your symptoms.  They will likely prescribe you antidepressant medications or advise you through psychotherapy.

How is depression diagnosed?

If you are battling the signs of depression, you will first want to seek the attention of a medical professional.  The doctor will perform a range of tests. These test will rule out other medical issues that can have similar symptoms, such as thyroid issues.  Once they perform these tests and rule out other causes, they will likely advise you to do counseling in Orlando to determine the root of your depression and work on management strategies.

Four Common Questions about Depression

These are some of the common questions our counselors in Orlando often hear about depression and its effects.  Depression is an issue that affects the mental health of millions of people. It deserves to be understood and taken seriously.  With the right strategies, you can learn how to cope and manage your depression so that you can go on to live a happy and full life.  Contact our professional counselors in Orlando to hear how we can help you start managing yours today.