Five Signs That It May Be Time to See a Therapist

Five Signs That It May Be Time to See a Therapist

Have you been battling issues that make everyday life responsibilities difficult to achieve?  Are you having trouble staying accountable with your goals?  Do you feel overwhelmed by negative emotions, like sadness, guilt, stress, or anxiety?  Many of these issues lead our clients to consider individual counseling in Orlando to improve their lives.  There are a few signs that indicate it may be time for you to consider seeing a therapist.

Time To See A Therapist – You Are Overwhelmed

When you are overwhelmed by life events or responsibilities, it may lead you to become stressed or anxious, or even suffer from panic attacks.  Whether you have a challenging or high-pressure job or you are juggling too many things at once, you will want to seek support and guidance to get you through overwhelming times.

You Carry Resentment or Guilt

Feeling an extreme amount of guilt or resentment can lead toward destructive thoughts and behaviors.  Coping with grief after tragic loss may put you on a path of depression, which can cause you to feel persistent sadness or fatigue.  Resentment, on the other hand, may have you destroying relationships or having difficulty trusting others.

You Feel Hopeless

Depression, or the persistent presence of sad or negative emotions, can lead many individuals to feel hopeless.  When you feel hopeless, you lose all confidence in yourself. This can stunt any professional or personal progress in your life.  If you are battling circumstances that leave you feeling hopeless, you’ll want to see professional help right away to combat these emotions.

You Lose Interest in What You Love

Are you struggling to find happiness in activities that you once loved?  Experiencing a loss of interest in finding joy in your life can lead you to feel withdrawn or even isolated.  It is essential to find joy in everyday life.  Our therapists can help you find out the reasons why you no longer find those interests enjoyable.  Instead, you will unearth the real emotions.  You can once again find joy in what you love to do.

You Are Going Through a Tough Transition

Going through new challenges or navigating unchartered waters can present many obstacles that can be difficult to overcome.  Transitions, like divorce, relocating, starting a new job, or having a family, can pose new challenges that you never had to deal with before.  Talking through these difficulties with a professional can provide you with the positive support and encouragement you need to get through these transitions.

These are a few of the reasons why people consider going to therapy to improve their life.  Whether you are struggling with a difficult choice or transition or you are having a hard time staying accountable, individual counseling in Orlando may be for you.  Contact us to hear about our range of quality therapy services today.