Five Common Coping Strategies to Overcome Negativity

Here are five common strategies for coping with negativity

Are you battling with negative thoughts that inhibit your ability to be happy or live your life to the fullest?  Negative influences and toxic attitudes of others can prevent you from being happy, which will hinder your lifestyle in many ways.  This can also cause a strain in your relationship with yourself, especially concerning your confidence, self-worth, and motivation.  By going to individual counseling in Orlando, you will work with a professional to discuss and develop coping mechanisms to overcome negative influences in your life.  This can lead you down the right path towards success and personal fulfillment.  There are a few coping strategies that are common to overcome negativity.

Seek Support

One of the best ways to overcome negativity is to seek support from others.  Find those you can trust to confide in about your feelings.  Talk to a counselor about your issues so that you can find strategies that work for your situation.  Reach out to a support group of people that have similar goals or issues.  When you are able to openly discuss your issues, you will work towards discovering underlying causes and finding resolution.


A simple piece of advice is to laugh every day.  Using humor to shake off uncomfortable, anxious, or negative thoughts is a great way to cope with them.  This will replace some of the negative thoughts with a positive association, which will prevent these messages from being internalized and leading to scarring emotions.


Taking some time to unwind and relax is often one of the best ways to wholly understand what you and your body needs.  This will help you to find an inner calm that promotes a positive and peaceful lifestyle.  Instead of succumbing to negative influences, your relaxed mind will have the strength to overcome these influences and focus on what is truly important to you.

Adjust Your Expectations

When you have too many lofty expectations, you may find yourself always being let down or disappointed.  Take some time to properly adjust your expectations so that they meet realistic and achievable goals.  Whenever you understand exactly what you need, you can adjust your expectations to meet these new goals.


Physical activity, such as exercise, sports, or recreational activities, will help to lower the stress of any given situation.  You will be able to release endorphins that promote positive thinking.  Activities such as yoga, meditation, taking relaxing baths, muscle relaxation, and more activities that promote peaceful relaxation.

These are a few of the most commonly used coping strategies that help many people feel positive and avoid negativity in their lives.  When you commit to doing the work in individual counseling in Orlando, you will come out of the process feeling much more satisfied and content with yourself.  This journey will allow you to gain more positivity and ability to cope with different scenarios.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you live the life you deserve today.