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Different Methods Used to Rehabilitate People From Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction to either prescription or recreational drugs can have a drastic impact on a person’s life. Fortunately, for people that have chosen to try and free themselves from their addiction, there are a number of treatment options available. These methods are offered by the majority of drug rehabilitation centers and can be very effective in helping people to recover and get over their drug addiction.

Almost all of the various drug treatments help patients to deal with physical issues, symptoms, psychological dependency and the impact of addiction. These methods used as a stand alone can be very effective but when used in conjunction with one another can be even more effective in helping you to get on the right path to recovery.

Methods to rehabilitate people from drug addiction:

Guided Group Therapy

Guided group therapy sessions, normally led by a therapist, are about sharing insight and experience with other recovering addicts. These sessions build connections and provide support and understanding from others that know exactly what someone is going through. Patients can learn from these shared experiences, develop coping mechanisms and understand that they aren’t facing these challenges alone.

Twelve Step Group Therapy

Based around the effective ‘Twelve Step Program’ popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous, twelve step group therapy encourages patients to share experiences on their own terms. These sessions are not typically guided, but there is a framework and structure that is followed in these groups to keep the experience safe for everyone involved. Many of the benefits that come from guided group therapy can also be found in twelve step group therapy.

Behavioral Therapy

Types of behavioral therapy include ‘Family Therapy’, ‘Motivational Therapy’ and ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’. These therapies are normally designed to allow a patient to understand the effect that addiction can have, not just on the addict, but also on their family and friends. The therapies teach self-analysis and action, providing the awareness and willpower to say no to drugs. Behavioral therapy is also good at helping people to react properly to challenging situations as they happen. Behavioral therapy helps the addict to understand how their thoughts control their feeling this resulting in their actions. It attempts to change the persons “faulty thinking patterns”.


Medication is often prescribed to help recovering addicts deal with the physical, mental and emotional symptoms that are an inevitable part of withdrawal. In addition to minimizing symptoms, these medications can also assist with feelings of anxiety or depression, cravings and feelings of dependency. Medication in conjunction with group and individual therapy has shown to have a much higher success rates in regards to methods to rehabilitate people from drug addiction.


Combined with group therapy sessions, one-on-one counselling is often an important part of a recovery plan. During these sessions, the counsellor and the client will work closely together to understand problem areas, develop coping mechanisms and check on progress. Counselling is seldom effective when used by itself, but it is an excellent addition to most other treatment methods. In Counseling you will better understand your triggers, why you do the things you do and how to change these maladaptive patterns of behavior and replace them with healthier options and outlets.

Methods to rehabilitate people from drug addiction:

As you can see there are many options when it comes to helping rehabilitate people from drug addiction.

Due to the physical, social, financial and psychological issues caused by drug addiction, finding the right recovery method is very important. Anyone interested in recovering from drug abuse should consult with their doctor to find the right rehabilitation center and get on the road to recovery.

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