Are You Suffering From PTSD?


Are You Suffering From PTSD?

If you have just returned from war, suffered a traumatic experience, or dealt with a horrific death, you may be susceptible to post-traumatic stress disorder.  When you begin to experience the symptoms of PTSD, you will likely need support and assistance to manage and live with it.  Many veterans or trauma survivors look to our individual counseling in Orlando to help them combat their symptoms of PTSD.  Here are a few of the common signs that show you may be suffering from PTSD and that it’s time to seek professional help.


When someone has survived the unspeakable, they may not be able to get those visions out of their head.  They may experience flashbacks that can occur when they are triggered, or they may even have frequent nightmares.  Replaying their trauma will stunt them from moving on and accepting what has happened, which can lead to heightened symptoms of PTSD.  This can cause feelings of panic, fainting, high blood pressure, panic attacks, and more.


PTSD can also cause people to avoid situations that remind them of their trauma.  This can cause war veterans to avoid seeing their other veteran friends, who only remind them of the horrific memories they left behind, and trauma survivors may even avoid family or friends that constantly remind them of their experiences as well.  PTSD patients often have difficulty returning to normal daily routines, such as work and other obligations.  This can affect the quality of their life.

Social Withdrawal

After you’ve suffered from a traumatic experience, you may realize that you’ve started to withdrawal or avoid social situations.  When you constantly avoid people, you may be experiencing the symptoms of PTSD.  Many of those with PTSD detach from others to avoid having to discuss their personal lives and feelings.  They also may be concerned how they will act around others, so they remove themselves from social gatherings all together.


The inability to fall asleep is common in those who suffer from the effects of PTSD.  Many people who have survived war or extreme trauma have difficult closing their eyes and resting, because they fear falling asleep.  They toss and turn instead, struggling with their new realities.  This may be caused by fear of nightmares, inability to clear their mind, or even constant worry.  Individual counseling in Orlando can provide those battling insomnia with relaxation techniques to help put their minds at ease so they can get some much-needed rest.

These are just a few of the signs that indicate you may be suffering from PTSD.  Although it may seem impossible to discuss your emotions about where your PTSD stems from, our therapists are trained to help you.  The process of individual counseling in Orlando will only help you increase the quality of your life as you learn how to combat the otherwise crippling symptoms of PTSD.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our highly trained therapists and get on a path to happiness.