Four Ways to Help Veterans When They Come Home


Four Ways to Help Veterans When They Come Home

When veterans return home from active duty, the transition into civilian life isn’t as easy as it may seem.  Veterans are faced with challenges such as risk of PTSD, drastic lifestyle adjustments, and family changes while they were gone.  As veteran reintegration life coaching specialists, we recognize these challenges and help members of our armed forces adjust to their new life at home and out of service.  When you know of a veteran who recently returned home or will be returning soon, there are a few ways you can help them make their transition.

Help Build Them Homes

When veterans return home with severe injuries or loss of limbs that impact their everyday lives, they will need new or updated homes.  Their homes much become much more accessible in order to accommodate their injuries.  You can help them rebuild or renovate their home to help them adjust to their new way of life.  By doing so, you will make sure that they won’t be concerned with arranging this on their own.  Instead, they will return home knowing their home is ready for them.

Offer Them Rides

Often times, veterans will not have transportation immediately upon returning home.  They may have been gone a long time, or they may have given their car to another member of their family before they left.  Also, veterans who have suffered injuries may not be able to drive themselves after life in the armed forces.  Offering them rides will help them get around easily without having to pay for public transportation or stress out about how they will get where they need to go.

Listen to Their Stories

When veterans return home, they all have experiences, stories, and memories of their time in the war or living on base.  By listening to their stories and sharing them with others, you give them an outlet to safely and productively discuss their experiences.  These might be particularly difficult for some to share, so it is important that you listen when they are open to sharing.  By listening, you give them reassurance and support throughout their transition.

Thank Them

Simply put, you should always be grateful to veterans who have served our country.  They have sacrificed a lot to protect our rights and keep us safe.  By saying thank you, you will be expressing that gratitude.   These are words that every veteran deserves to hear, but some of them actually need to hear it.  When they hear about your gratefulness, they are reminded that what they have done matters greatly to each individual in the country.

By performing these four simple tasks, you can help veterans ease into civilian life after they have dutifully and proudly served our country.  These small favors can go a long way for these loyal members of society.  Veteran reintegration life coaching can also help a veteran become more adjusted to their new life and cope with the changes they are facing.  Contact us if you or a veteran you know needs support while you transition into your new role.