Blended Family Counseling Orlando

Blended Family Counseling

Blended Family Counseling Orlando and the effectiveness of therapy is beneficial. When blended families come together it can be a time of turmoil. Also frustration and can be rough on every member.

Parents often have the expectation that the children and partner will just easily fit right into this new family system and that there won’t be any problems.

Blended family counseling is helpful because the reality is that often times blending families take time, understanding, and the awareness that every member goes at their own pace.

Although you may be excited about the idea of finally finding someone to marry, your partner and children may be highly cautious and anxious about this change. It may feel frustrating as if you’re trying to force everyone to get along.

Every couple wants “this marriage” to be their very last. They want it to be healthy and strong. Most couples heading into a blended family know that the odds are very much against them. Statistics show that while the U.S. divorce rate is around 45 percent, the blended marriage rate is close to 67 percent (73 percent for third marriages.)

There is great news though. Most remarried couples can beat the odds of divorce and blend into a successful family.

I’m convinced many blended marriages fall prey to divorce because they get blindsided by the pressures and unforeseen dynamics of step-family living.

Dating couples, for example, naively assume that their first marriage taught them everything they need to know to have a happy remarriage, and parents who raised their own children assume they know how to be a stepparent. Generally speaking, neither is the case.

There are several benefits of attending family therapy as well as counseling for children. For the newly forming blended families. Sometimes I will need to see the children and other times the couple. Remembering the goal that everybody needs to feel supported, heard, and acknowledged, and make a smooth transition.

Counseling helps to allow each member the time they need to acclimate to the new changes. The adults may want to rush things along but the children need time to process the change. I assist the children in talking and processing their feelings, anxieties, and any fears they may have about the change.

It’s only natural for families to wish that the members all blend right away. Stepparents may seem eager for their stepchildren to bond, accept and love them. If it feels strained and feels as if your pushing too hard, back off.

You can’t make the impossible happen and by pushing too hard it may never happen. Statistics show that Step couples should expect at least two years to begin to operate as a well-running family unit. Some of the stepchildren will need even more time and some may need less.

Learn the art of letting go of your expectations and the way you see the bond should form and within what time frame. Each member is unique and requires their own time to sort the new change out.

Together in therapy it is important, especially for blended family counseling in Orlando that all members attend and talks freely and openly about their process and areas of concerns and expectations.

This provides a safe and nurturing environment in the office of a therapist who is there to work collaboratively in counseling to help the family as a whole. Blended families can be a success.

Recognize that Stepparents are Not the Biological Parent

There is a very delicate dance formed and the children will benefit greatly when stepparents assist and support the bio parent.

On the other hand, it’s also important that the biological parent step in if needed to help stepparents become kinder and less abrasive. Stepchildren cannot and do not initially accept parenting from the stepparent.

The parent must understand that it is their job to remain in charge. The child must know who is in control. Both adults must align. Stepparents can and should give input, but the original parent at the beginning stages has the final say.

Step-parents should be encouraging and show interest in each child’s life and passions. Let them see that you are actively involved and care deeply for them. This makes all of the difference.

Blended Family Counseling Orlando is a great tool and can help tremendously to bridge the two families together. Patience, love and understanding is the key. Before problems set in seek out counseling. Together as a team we can prevent many rocky roads that may be ahead. Let me help guide you through this transition with love and patience.