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High Expectations Counseling brings a multidisciplinary approach to treating the whole individual. Mind/Body/Spirit. We believe that balance in all areas of life is vital for recovery and true healing. You will find after working with one of our talented therapists a sense of deeper self awareness, the ability to stay in the present moment and challenge irrational and negative thought patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck.

We are excited at the possibility of working with you and helping you to come into alignment with your higher self. We believe we have the best therapist in Orlando that are dedicated to providing you with compassion and cutting edge therapeutic techniques to help you resolve not cope with your issues bringing you in.

We blend together cutting edge therapies with traditional therapy. We know too much today about how our thoughts drive our behaviors. It is our conditioning and old narratives that we must challenge. Our old ways of thinking are not allowing us to live the life we were designed to live. We are not concerned with coping skills. We treat the underlying fear and narratives driving the behaviors.

Our goal at High Expectations Counseling is to get to the root of the problem and eliminate the need to ever have to cope with an issue. Our therapists in Orlando are ready to help you get to the root of what has been hindering you. We don’t just give you coping skills. Why would you ever want to cope with depression, anxiety, etc when you can eliminate it and live a life free from these stressors and narratives. It is our programming and conditioning that we need to look at and change.

Be brave and keep correcting the false perceptions you have created your entire life. Stay true to your higher awareness. That observer that is not your mind but is your higher conscious self.

High Expectations Counseling Offers a Wide Range of Therapy in the Following Areas

Premarital Therapy

  Premarital Therapy Premarital Therapy has benefits beyond just dealing with problems. When you understand what premarital therapy has to offer you see the many advantages. Premarital therapy is understanding what you’re getting into before you walk down the aisle. Spring is in the air. It’s that time of year again; wedding bells are just…

Spirituality Therapy

  Orlando Spirituality Therapy What is a Spiritual Awakening? Orlando spirituality therapy and what is it? A spiritual awakening is the re-connection to reality. It reconnects you with the divine. This is one in the same.  You start to see that you were never disconnected from the same oneness of all others. From this connection,…

Relationship Counseling

  Marriage and Relationship Counseling Orlando

Individual Therapy

  Individual Orlando Therapy Individual Orlando therapy has many benefits. Maybe your nervous about attending therapy. You feel it would be strange to talk to someone you do not know and tell them of your secrets. What could be the benefit of seeking Individual Orlando Therapy? Can anyone benefit or does someone have to be…

Family Therapy

  Family Therapy Family therapy addresses issues specifically that directly affect the health of a family in a psychological way. Examples are (significant life transitions, mental health conditions, etc) Family therapy can be utilized as the primary form of therapy or as an add on to another style. Family Therapy The Benefits Families benefit from…

Child Therapy

  Child Therapy In Orlando What Is Child Therapy In Orlando? There are many children having significant problems that are affecting their ability to process, feel, learn and act in today’s society. Child therapy in Orlando is a way for your child to get the help he or she needs. In therapy your child will…

Teen Counseling

Teen counseling Orlando The need for our teens to receive therapy is growing by the day. When working with teens, it’s imperative that they feel connected to and supported by the therapist. Teen and Adolescent therapy Orlando in today’s demanding world is no easy task. Teen counseling therapy is extremely beneficial. If an adolescent feels…

Trauma Therapy

  Trauma Therapy Orlando Trauma Therapy Orlando and where to turn for help. We describe trauma as a life altering and distressing event. An individual feels severely threatened physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Almost all people sometime in their life experience a traumatic event. This can be a car accident, neglect, abuse, death of a loved…

Drug/Behavioral Addiction

Three Ways a Counselor Can Help You Recover From Your Addiction Addictions are extremely difficult to kick.  In fact, recovering addicts are always told to get a support system when they are becoming clean and then staying clean.  An addict’s journey can take many years, and sometimes even a lifetime.  During this time, recovering addicts…

Group Counseling and Workshops

Here at High Expectations we understand the importance of integrating group counseling along side individual therapy or as a standalone. We offer several groups. As we add more we are hopeful that you will find one that is the best fit for you. Please take the time to read about the groups and if you…

Private Practice Consulting

Private Practice Consulting Orlando Private practice consulting Orlando and how to go about starting your own therapy business. Opening up your own therapy practice can be overwhelming and very scary. The thought of leaving an agency or a group practice means that you no longer have the safety net of reassurance that you will get…

Guided Meditation

The following are guided meditations to help aid you in your growth. These can be used in conjunction with therapy or as a stand alone resource to help aid you in silencing the mind. Also to bring about more awareness, clarity and alignment. Guided Meditation for a Positive Self Image 2 Minute Mindful Breathing Mindfulness…

Personal Fitness

Please call 321-444-5658 for inquiries

Massage Therapy, Reiki and Yoga

  Massage Therapy, Reiki and Yoga Brooke Quinn Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Reiki Certified After returning home from teaching English in Japan, Brooke began her journey learning about healing arts. She is passionate about providing wellness treatments that combine both Eastern and Western approaches, as both types compliment each other. Brooke…

Aside from working with all types of mental health concerns we specialize in very unique and cutting edge techniques.

  • Traumatology
  • Personality Disorders
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Sexual Addiction and Process Addiction Therapy
  • Gottman Method couples therapy and Enrich Premarital
  • EMDR For Trauma and Grief
  • Career and life Transition
  • LGBTQ+ For teens and young adults
  • Meditation and Breathwork
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • On site Crisis Counseling for businesses
  • Educational Outreach Training
  • Private Practice Consulting
  • Secular and Non Secular Spritiual Therapy

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