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Being Authenticity

Being authentic and removing the mask you wear. It’s time to remove the mask. How excited we all get when we go to a play and we see the hero versus the villain. The actors are so good at their craft that they truly make us believe for a minute that we are not watching a play. As the curtain draws and both the villain and the hero hold hands and bow we don’t cheer only for the hero. No! we cheer equally for both the villain and the hero for what wonderful rules they played. Behind the stage, after the play the actors take of the mask because he realizes it was a role. It was the ego the whole time.

How similar to the rest of human beings walking around that we are so clever and so good at our craft, the role we play as the actor, that we don’t even see a mask.


Being Authentic 

The Role You Play: Remove the Mask

Don’t we see how as families, as couples, as parent in society society, there is the need to replay these roles of the villain and hero? I find it strange how we are taught to love our brother and sisters unconditionally yet there is a right and wrong way of doing things and if you do it the wrong way then you are bad. You play the role of the villain. You lose and are not the hero. And we are hypnotized from birth to use this system of right and wrong, good and bad as a way to tally up points in order to feel better about ourselves.

Let’s bring this full circle to counseling. When I ask the client the question, “who are you”, 90% of those would identify the role they play with some of the following adjectives:

-Doctor-Teacher-Banker-Mother-Father-Hard worker-Student-American citizen-Son-Daughter and so on.

Sadly people think the answer to the question, “who are you?,” can be described by throwing a bunch of adjectives out which really is only the regurgitation of what society, parents, government and schooling has told them there are from the time of birth. This is the conditioning of our society. the smoke and mirrors.

But for this other 10% when I ask the question, it’s as if they were just smacked by a door and they are frozen, stunned. They know what they’re about to say does not feel right, never really has. It just sounds so canned. They realize that the role they have been playing has been that of the ego mind.

Being Authentic | The Choice is Yours to Remove the Mask

So clearly there is a wide spectrum of those who don’t even know that they are on the stage. That they are the main character. Some are slightly aware of it but stomach it and go along wearing the mask because they want to be liked and not seen as different, or going against the masses of hypnotized culture. Then there are the brave, the ones who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get off the stage, stop chasing their tail, and learn the real answer to the question—
Who am I? Give it some thought and see if you can answer the question. Maybe or maybe not. The choice is yours. Be authentic. Be who you are.

Read more about my approach and let’s start the healing today. Peel back those masks and discover the true self. The everlasting one that is waiting to emerge.


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