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Anger-Management Counseling Orlando

Anger-Management Counseling Orlando

Anger-management counseling Orlando and finding the relief today. Yes we all know anger is very normal. It is a healthy emotion. It starts to become unhealthy though when it comes up spiraling out of control. Chronic and explosive anger can have serious problems and create consequences for your individual life, relationships, family, health, and overall state of well being. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. Anger can be brought under control. Gaining the awareness and insight into the real reason for the anger is key. 

What can you do about Anger?

  1. Recognize that their are other feelings beneath just anger. 
  2. Identify themes and those situations that trigger anger and learn to avoid these when possible.
  3. Take mindful and slow breaths before doing a task that usually you find yourself upset about. 
  4. Exercise and get the energy out. 
  5. Share how your feeling with a therapist or a trusted friend. 

Anger-Management Counseling Orlando

Controlling Anger but not eliminating it for good.

The emotion that evokes anger is not classified as good or bad. It is like all other emotions in that it is conveying a story or a message. You may feel justified for your anger, defensive or threatened. For many their knee jerk response is to blow up and to explode. It is perfectly alright to be angry but if misdirected it will become a large problem in your life. It starts to isolate you from others and harm yourself and those you love.

Have you heard from others that you have a hot temper? Do you feel powerless over your anger and feel there is little to nothing you can do to control it? You can learn to control it and manage your anger in a healthy productive way.


Anger-Management Counseling Orlando

How Anger-Management Counseling Orlando can help

Anger will get in the way of your marriage, career, relationship with your children, etc. You may just think that the people around you need to “get over it” and that they are just sensitive. Your feeling constantly disrespected and your anger is justified if only people would see it your way. You are blinded when anger comes knocking at your door. You develop tunnel vision and truly believe that your way is the one and only right way.

Anger-Management Counseling Orlando Goal 

Many truly believe that anger-management is about learning to take your anger and suppress it. Shoving anger down is not healthy and not the goal here. Since anger is normal than you will find that one way or another it will come out. The goal is to try and understand what message anger is bringing you. Find out the message and understand it. Why am I feeling so angry? Do I feel that I have made something personal that simply is not?

To master your anger takes a lot of work and practice. It will get easier though and the payoffs are wonderful. You learn to have better and healthier relationships with those you love. You are an effective listener and communicator and can have a much more stable and satisfying life. 

anger management counseling Orlando

Anger-Management Counseling Orlando

Consequences of unhealthy anger 

  • Anger hurts you in a physical way. No one can stay in a state of constant rage, full of and out of control anger. Your body cannot handle the stress. It opens up the door for problems such as heart diseases, onset of diabetes, it weakens the immune system, can create and increased insomnia. It also creates high blood pressure. (See physical effects of anger.)
  • Your mental health is effected. Anger will consume a huge amount of your mental focus and energy. It leads to clouded thinking, making life hard to enjoy and concentrate on what really matters. Depression, anxiety and many other mental health problems stem from anger. 
  • Anger can destroy your relationships with loved ones. Lasting scars will be left on those you most care about. Anger isolates you and you will lose your friends, family and all of those who are trying to stand in your corner. How much can they and should they endure? Your anger makes it hard for others to feel comfortable, constantly walking on eggshells around you. Do you really want to be know as this person that others are constantly (especially your children) afraid of?

Anger-Management Counseling Orlando | Seek Help Today

Seek the help you need today and let’s work in a collaborative effort to explore the messages that your trying to convey. Learn to do the following:

  • Explore what is really behind the anger. 
  • What is your anger covering up and why?
  • Can you find the feelings behind the anger and start to identify with them?
  • Find a way to communicate effectively with others.
  • What are your triggers and what are the warning signs for anger?
  • What negative self statements are you constantly playing in your mind.
  • Self awareness and mindfulness of your emotions.

Learn more about my approach and let’s start the work to bring real lasting change to your life today. Don’t be a prisoner to your anger anymore. 




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