Addiction Counseling Services Orlando

Addiction Counseling Services Orlando a group holding hands in session

Addiction Counseling Services Orlando

Addiction Counseling Services Orlando and what does that entail? Many have the idea that therapy when dealing with addiction is sitting in a cold, sterile environment. This is far from true. I believe that in order for you to do the work necessary to truly understand yourself you need to have an environment conducive to feel comfortable, safe and secure.

Addiction has already left you feeling shameful, embarrassed and your self-esteem is low. You may have just gotten out of inpatient treatment and are seeking support such as life coaching or sobriety counseling. I make myself available for those in early recovery from drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Addiction Counseling Services Orlando | Who Is It For?

Addiction Counseling Services Orlando is for everybody that has been affected by the addict or alcoholic. Close family members, children and loved ones all need to heal. Therapy is unique for each family. The addict or alcoholic may choose individual sessions while I work on the side with the parents or immediate family to help give them support, guidance and insight into what addiction or alcoholism is. Also addressing how it affects the family directly.

addiction counseling services orlando

Addiction Counseling Services: Various Types

1. Individual Life Coaching This is a one on one approach that helps the therapist build a relationship with the client touching base multiple times during the week. Assistance is provided that allows structure and consistency that will help support and encourage the addict or alcoholic to get off on the right foot. Outside resources such as AA/NA and support groups are incorporated.

2. Couples and Relationship CounselingMany marriages and relationships have been affected when one person uses. Couples therapy and relationship counseling is an integral part of the healing process. When each can communicate effectively and understand it is not personal then they can repair the relationship.

3. Teen and children’s counseling- The focus here is to help the children and teens that are living with the alcoholic or addict. I help to allow them to see it is not their fault. They did not cause this. Also helping them to feel safe in the midst of turmoil and change is important. I help to provide that by using their words that they will understand the process at their different developmental stages. Also important is to understand teen and drug use. How to reach your child on drugs.

4. Family Counseling This is where the entire family attends session together with a loved one that is suffering from addiction. Together the family seeking addiction help is able to discuss moving forward, what assistance each other needs, and has an opportunity to be heard, validated and a part of the change.

5. Spiritual Counseling– When spirituality counseling is combined with recovery therapy, change occurs more rapidly. Finding alignment in oneself brings about change quickly. You have a sense of connection to yourself and to spirit. Learning what passions lie beneath the surface. You start to understand that the true self emerges once the desire to numb out has ceased. Spirituality can help facilitate that shift that is internal and permanent.

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  1. I would like to be able to get some help choosing the right kind of ways to recover from addiction. I want to make sure that I take the right steps. My wife would appreciate to have this kind of steps in the process.

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