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addiction counseling Orlando

Addiction Counseling Orlando

Addiction counseling Orlando and what is the role and why is it so important? Kicking a drug addiction of any kind is hard to do. It is a major accomplishment. After detox the battle begins with craving and relapse. Many spend a life time stuck in the cycle of getting some clean time only to lose it the second the craving kicks in.

Counseling for many people is an essential part of the healing process. Effective approaches such as Cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, group counseling, individual counseling and life coaching are all very useful. Counseling is two fold. It treats the underlying mental health issues as well as addresses the addiction.

Addiction Counseling Orlando | Triggers

After treatment addicts are at the highest risk for relapse. there are several psychological and outside factors in society that are hard for the new addict to resist. They are faced with the challenge of having to live a life without an altered numbed out state of mind. Then they are bombarded with people that are questioning their every move, tempting them to come back into the fold. Others demanding them to act and think a certain way. It is very overwhelming.

Addiction Counseling Orlando


  • Stress, and any sudden life anxiety.
  • Running back into a person that still uses the drug and asks you to hang out.
  • Over demanding family or partner that is enmeshed and codependent.
  • Self defeating thoughts of failing.
  • Inability to focus on self and get real and honest.
  • The mess you left your life in (legal, family, career) is so bad that your overwhelmed at the thought of having to face it.
  • The sight and\or smell of certain drugs or kinds of alcohol. Sitting and watching others consume your drug of choice.
  • Bars that someone once drank at.
  • Jails, prisons or police stations.
  • People that the addict caused harm to during their use.
  • Work stress
  • Financial struggles and difficulties.
  • Lack of a sense of purpose in life.
  • The loss or death of a loved one.

Addiction Counseling Orlando | What Do Therapists Do?

Addiction Counseling Orlando addresses the individual and teaches them how to live a life and to visualize this life without drugs or alcohol. Guided imagery shows the client that through Mindfulness and staying in the present moment, All is well. Teaching my client that the underlying issue is not the drug addiction. It is the fear that is running underneath. The feelings of “not enough”. A hole that is created through the conditioning of society pumping into us the belief that without something from the outside, we can never be happy on the inside. 

Once you can see a future without the use of drugs then you start to believe your capable. I understand that AA and NA are helpful support systems in a person’s recovery. Without support we would feel all alone. The type of work I am talking about is stripping away every belief system you had about who you are. Realizing that you never needed to seek outside of self to fill inside. You are already full, alive and perfect. You never had lack. Those who told you that felt the lack inside themselves.

Addiction Counseling Orlando | Seek Help Today

Don’t keep getting trapped in the mind and going through the painful experience of relapse after relapse. Make the commitment today to turn your life around. You are worth it. Call today and let’s get started peeling back the false layers of who you thought you were. You will be truly amazed at what you see.


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