Abuse and Drug Addiction | What are the Signs?

 Abuse and Drug Addiction

Abuse and drug addiction. What is it and how can loved ones seek the help they need and know the signs to look for? Addiction and abuse affects individuals from various walks of life. No matter what their socioeconomic status. For whatever reason when a person starts to use drugs they build a tolerance and a dependency on the drug quickly. Before they realize it, they are addicted. When it becomes a full blown addiction it is very hard to cease and stop the use. 

In order to break free from the bondage of addiction it requires support and help from others. Addiction and drug use creates havoc on the body and your mind. It will eventually end up killing you. If you have an addiction or know someone who does, it is vital that you seek the necessary help immediately. Abuse and addiction have very noticeable symptoms and signs. 

Abuse and Drug Addiction – How It Starts

Most addicts start off just experimenting with drugs in a social setting. Then after a period of time the use starts to become more and more frequent. The rate at which addiction speeds up depends on the drug. Some are more addictive than others.  

Soon the addict needs larger and larger doses to get the feeling of being high. Many must take it just to feel normal. The thought of going without the drug sends some into panic and causes extreme anxiety. An addict my have very intense cravings and even feel ill physically. This is called having withdraw symptoms. 
abuse and drug addiction 

Abuse and Drug Addiction – The Signs

Very common symptoms and behaviors associated with addiction include the following: 

  • The feeling that one must use regularly. This may be daily or many times throughout the day. 
  • Having very intense desire and urges to use the drug.
  • Over a short period of time one finds themselves needing more and more to get the desired effect. 
  • Making very certain that at all times you have a supply of your drug on you.  
  • Spending a lot of money on your drug. You cannot afford it but you must have it still.  
  • Not able to meet work duties and meetings. You find your cutting back on time with friends and social obligations. 
  • You find that your doing compromising things in order to get your drug that you never could have imagined you would ever do.  
  • Driving under the influence. 
  • Focusing all of your time and effort on getting your drug of choice. 
  • Failing repeatedly in attempts to stop using.  
  • Experiencing severe withdrawal when attempting to stop use. 

How to Recognize addiction in other family members

Often times it is very difficult to tell the difference between a moody teen and one that is under the influence of drugs. The following are indications that your teen or another family member may be using drugs. 

  • Problems begin to surface (school or work). Your teen is missing school frequently and not turning in homework. He or she has a sudden disinterest in school or work activities. 
  • Physical health – There is a complete lack of any energy and motivation.
  • Neglecting appearance – There is a total lack of any interest in the way they look as far as clothes, hygiene and grooming. 
  • Change in behavior – There are efforts made that are exaggerated to keep other family members away from their room. They are very secretive about who they are going out with and where. Their peer group changes. 
  • Spending a lot of money – You start to get many sudden demands for cash. You get little to no reason why they need it. You start to see that money is missing and items from the house. This is a pretty good indicator that it is being used to support the addiction. 
Abuse and Drug Addiction – Seek the Help you need today

Understand my unique approach to helping those struggling with addiction and dependency issues. As a women in recovery, a parent and a therapist, I feel very well qualified to see from all angles. If your unsure about a loved one, contact me and let’s talk. 

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  1. Gayle Jackson says:

    I don’t want you to think I’m in denial I’m not, she’s eighteen and I could kick her out but in my experience that may make it worse! What can I do that could have an inpack on her? She’s works full time and she pays the light bill, she’s really a good person who loves her family but I wasn’t successful with my husband who died because of drugs and her dad my son who is doing time because of drugs a sister whobis on the road to destruction because of drugs a brother who died found in a park dead because of drugs a brother who just recently got 15 years because of drugs its terrible how do we break the cycle?? I’m open for suggestions Please help!!!

  2. Gayle Jackson says:

    My granddaughter lives with me, she was smoking pot on a regular basis but I told her she cannot smoke in our home..It stopped for awhile, now I believe its something stronger! The glass pipes lays around in her room and they don’t smell like pot! There is black spots on her sheets and on the carpet through my experience with relatives that may be smoking crack or perhaps meth I’m not sure which.ibdont think I know her boyfriend is on drugs but not sure if she is she claims not and I know she thinks she can save the world but I know you can’t if they don’t want help.

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