Life Counseling Orlando

Sometimes when things fall apart they are actually falling into place.

Mental Health Counseling and therapy that is effective and direct. Transforming your entire being. This is not for the client seeking coping skills. This type of guidance asks that you seek inside yourself for all of your answers. Watch your life become totally transformed.

Bring into alignment the mind, body and spirit. Taking a holistic approach to understanding yourself and how you operate in this world. Life Counseling Orlando aims to address mental heath related issues as well as substance abuse and behavioral addiction. This is therapy with a purpose that incorporates a spiritual and higher level of awareness and consciousness.

Seek to get rid of the blocks and negative patterns in your life. Understand how your emotions and thoughts produce the dramatic events and nightmares you tell yourself. Therapy at Life Counseling Orlando involves a total transformation from who you describe yourself to be and who you truly and authentically are. 

Goals and Values

My goal at Life Counseling Orlando is to support you in helping you find lasting results. The results that will bring fulfillment and pleasure to your life. Understand my approach and the unique path that lead me to therapy. Learn about the life changing shift that occurred in my life. A shift that woke me up, placing me on the path to creating a unique, and dynamic approach to therapy. An approach like nobody else.

Coping skills and setting boundaries is great for most therapist but are of no interest to me. That is doing a great disservice to your spirit and who you are. Don’t learn to manage symptoms when you can get rid of them for good. Who wants to cope with depression and anxiety when it can be dissolved?

This band-aid therapy approach most counselors use is what I refer to as “Sleep State Therapy”. Telling a client to count to 10 when angry or to “agree to disagree” with your partner does nothing at all. You want to dissolve depression, anxiety, codependency, addiction, anger, fear, etc. We will get to the root of the problem. At Life Counseling Orlando you will gain the awareness you need to see your blind spots. There will then be no use for the behavior to continue.

Effective Counseling
Not a day goes by I am not humbled and blessed by the lives I meet along this journey. My passion for counseling is stronger each day. I have a love and respect for my brave clients and am honored to be of assistance. This fire has been burning for over 16 years now. Thank you to all for touching and changing my life.
I do not treat symptoms. Getting to the core fear underneath the symptoms, (Depression, anxiety, addiction, anger, etc) is key. These are indicators of a deeper level of ourselves. A level that most are unaware even exist. This level is the true self. The mind cannot identify or define you anymore.
It is my desire that my clients see us as a team working together. Taking an honest, non judgmental approach. Learning to be easy and not hard on yourself. Being honest enough to allow your ego to step aside. Now we can look at reality. There is the ability to correct the thinking and internal dialogue that has conditioned our society and self for years. It is a true path and return to self actualization. The purest form of therapy and self discovery there is.
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