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Offerring a Wide Range of Therapy in the Following Areas

Individual Therapy

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to do the deep and honest work of uncovering who you truly are. Understanding the false narratives and programming that have been playing throughout your life is vital for finding true and lasting peace. Learn to be from anxiety and depression. Uncover that space which is the true self.  Bring awareness to your conditioning and start the journey to truly know who you are. This is separate from who society, your parents, and others have told you. Give yourself this amazing gift of unconditional love. Give it a try.

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Relationships Can Be Hard If Your Seeking Love From Another

Relationship Counseling

Counseling for couples is a wonderful investment your making not only with your partner but as an individual. We all were conditioned to see the world differently. So often we feel the need to get caught up in the cycle of “tit for tat” or “I am more right than you are”. This endless cycle leaves both feeling unseen, unheard and creates resentment and frustration. We walk blindly into marriages with expectations and assumptions that have never been discussed. Understand that you both can be great teachers to learn

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family counseling aims to increase positive communication between all members of the family. Also to decrease conflict, as well as strengthen the relationships within a family. Ideally, each person in conflict within the family meets with the counselor together. This way a safe space is provided for each member to feel heard and respected. If this is not possible change can still occur in a family. Therapy can take many different forms. At times it may be necessary to meet with the parents and at other times it may be with the children. Seek help today. Do It for your family.

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Couples Counceling Orlando

Premarital Therapy

Premarital Therapy is becoming more and more popular for couples that are awakened and want to do the work upfront. They both are actively seeking to align on the most important aspects of a marriage: healthy communication, conflict resolution, finances, extended family, and many more areas that couples often don’t discuss before entering into a marriage. Doing this work upfront is immensely helpful in creating a solid marriage.One without assumptions and expectations that go unspoken. Get ahead of the curve and put in the work on the front end. Your marriage deserves a healthy start.

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Drug/Behavioral Addiction

Addiction can show up in various ways. It can be chemical, sexual, or behavioral. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This vicious cycle is often at the core of addictive behavior. It’s important to understand if you’re struggling with a dependency or an addiction. We understand what it means to feel powerless and hopeless. Our Licensed therapist are here to assist you in finding the freedom you deserve free from the bondage of addiction. Allow yourself to be teachable and you can find real peace. Your worth it.

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Child Therapy

Child therapy and Counseling in Orlando is a wonderful way to allow your child to explore, to grow, heal and find solutions to challenges they are facing. We use a collaborative and integrative approach when working with children. We do this by utilizing Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Art Therapy and CBT methods and modalities. We understand how impressionable young children are and how important it is to help assist them in expressing their words through various expressions. Lets give them the space to feel safe so the can understand how they feel. Give your child the support and love they need today.

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Group Counseling in Orlando

Group Counseling and Workshops

Group Therapy is a great way to practice the skills that you learn in individual counseling. In group you find connection with others that are working through the same issues. Group counseling allows you to practice the skills that you are learning to develop in a safe space. Our trained therapist help to guide you and support you along your path to awakening. We offer various groups. It allows you to practice what you are learning in individual therapy. You feel others relate to what your going through. Utilizing short guided meditations at the beginning of the group will help you find balance. Give it a try.

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Private Practice Consulting

This is a service for therapists that are wanting to open their own private practice. Learn how to build your practice from the ground up with an experienced coach that can help assist you in paving  the way to building a great practice. Learn how to hire staff, implement online booking, scheduling and all protocols related to running your own practice. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Let us help you get a foot up so your successful out the gate. Feel connected and supported as you start your journey into private practice. Invest in yourself. You are worth it.

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teen group process

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling allows adolescents to have a safe place to process their emotions and feelings that are often hard to sort. Our teens today are exposed to so much pressure, and feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. Therapy provides a place for them to find their own identity, and practice assertiveness, and skills useful for this important transition in life. They deserve to have a safe place where they can feel safe and comfortable processing their feelings  Children are seeking stability and consistency. They look to their parents for protection. Give them the support they need if instability is in the home.

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Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy is a type of counseling that aims to help clients deal with emotional responses caused by a traumatic event. It is estimated that over 50% of people will experience at least one traumatic event in their lives. Trauma includes a very wide range of situations. This may include serious injury, chronic abuse, neglect, sexual violence, life-threatening events, being bullied, etc. there is no event to small to dismiss if it has created a reaction in you that feels life threatening. We are trained in EMDR therapy to help set you fee and regain your life free from fear.

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Guided Meditation

You are not your thoughts. You are simply the observer. Meditation is a great tool for separating your true authentic self from your ego. Observing your thoughts with neutrality and letting them pass lovingly breaks down barriers and reprograms negative thinking patterns. It also helps with evaluating belief systems. Meditation practice allows us to step back from the chaos and drama of our daily lives. Through exploring and researching these different forms of meditation I have found a daily practice that best serves my life. Our goal is to help others cultivate a meditation practice that fits into the life.

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Spiritual Counseling - Why It’s Vital Today

Spirituality Therapy

A spiritual awakening is the re-connection to reality. It reconnects you with the divine. You start to see that you were never disconnected from the same oneness of all others. From this connection, a person’s own energy moves and begins to transform. You are shifted into alignment. You start living your truest and highest potential. A spiritual awakening in a person will be felt throughout their body, heart, soul, and mind. You will be forced to face the fact that you have been blinded. Living in a dream of what society and your conditioning have made you believe is real.

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Massage Therapy/Yoga

We live in a fast pace world. We are always racing around and often times putting ourselves last. Massage therapy and yoga services are a great way for you to come back into alignment and give your body the break it needs. In conjunction with therapy or a a stand alone service you are giving yourself a wonderful gift. Rejuvenate yourself. Mind body and spirit is about allowing all three integrate and allow you the chance to get off the rollercoaster of life.

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Best Therapists In Orlando

High Expectations Counseling brings a multidisciplinary approach to treating the whole individual. Mind/Body/Spirit. We believe that balance in all areas of life is vital for recovery and true healing. You will find after working with one of our talented therapists a sense of deeper self awareness, the ability to stay in the present moment and challenge irrational and negative thought patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck.


  • We are excited at the possibility of working with you and helping you to come into alignment with your higher self. We believe we have the best therapist in Orlando that are dedicated to providing you with compassion and cutting edge therapeutic techniques to help you resolve not cope with your issues bringing you in.


  • We know too much today about how our thoughts drive our behaviors. It is our conditioning and old narratives that we must challenge. Our old ways of thinking are not allowing us to live the life we were designed to live. We are not concerned with coping skills. We treat the underlying fear and narratives driving the behaviors.


  • Our goal at High Expectations Counseling is to get to the root of the problem and eliminate the need to ever have to cope with an issue.


  • We don’t just give you coping skills. Why would you ever want to cope with depression, anxiety, etc when you can eliminate it and live a life free from these stressors and narratives. It is our programming and conditioning that we need to look at and change.

Other Techniques and Modalities Utilized

  • Traumatology
  • Personality Disorders
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Sexual Addiction and Process Addiction Therapy
  • Gottman Method couples therapy and Enrich Premarital
  • EMDR For Trauma and Grief
  • Career and life Transition
  • LGBTQ+ For teens and young adults
  • Meditation and Breathwork
  • On site Crisis Counseling for businesses
  • Educational Outreach Training
  • Eating Disorder
  • Secular and Non Secular Spritiual Therapy

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